Door 12

The Owl Fairies of Holt, by Ruthie Collins

Light falls at dusk, like fairy dust
Closely, closely near, they tread.
In tangled houses, branchy beds.
Wait, wait – what’s that, way up high?
Above the Holt Road there they fly,
sweeping stars, through the sky
Magic, sparkling all around
Owl fairies flying, from the Town Pound

Little owls on little hills, fairy doors full
of shrieking shrills. Tawny owl, barn owl,
little owl too, baby owls hissing, from roof to roof.
Little owl sitting in the green oak tree
Calling like a door hinge’s creak
‘Twit, woo’. ‘Shriek’. ‘Owwwwwwww’.
Owl fairies dancing around the town.
Can you see, them, whizzing – wee! –

Owl fairies of Holt, flying free?