The Natural Wonder Series

This series of poems by Ruthie Collins is funded by Arts Council England and is inspired by the wonder of the natural world, with her public poem ‘Dreaming of Albion, Sailing With Maud’ commissioned by Norfolk County Council as a starting point. Taking inspiration from the biodiversity of nature, from eels, stars and bats, to the very soil, there is something for everyone to enjoy – with cross curricula resources to support literacy, science and geography learning too. 

The series will be available to read as a book, plus you can explore it as a Natural Wonder Trail across the Norfolk landscape – available in Spring/Summer 2022.

These poems can be enjoyed as a series, plus come with a trail of locations across the Norfolk landscape.


Have a listen to our exclusive Natural Wonder podcasts here!

Finding Natural Wonder: Episode One

Writer Ruthie Collins discusses how literature can help us engage with nature, asking authors and community leaders for nature-inspired book recommendations that you can take outside.

There are accompanying writing prompts and walks around the mouth of the Waveney River to accompany the podcast, inspired by Ruthie Collins’ public poem commissioned by Norfolk County Council, ‘Dreaming of Albion, Sailing With Maud’, due for install at Great Yarmouth. 

Guests include Emily Winter (River Waveney Trust), Daisy Henwood (Co-Director, TOAST Poetry), Nisreen Meddings (mother of two and translator), Nick Hayes (author, The Book of Trespass), Joe Hedinger (founder, Page Against The Machine).