(Archived) 4. The Battle Of The Sparrows And Murder – by vesper

Chapter 1 
The Battle 

If you do not like murder do not read this. This is my first murder case and this is what happened. 

Hello my name is Heppy, I’m a detective house martin. I live in the beautiful countryside at 221B Baker Street with my sweet family and helpful friends. 

It was breakfast time and I was slowly eating my breakfast of sweet and squishy mealworms and freshly picked sunflower seeds. After I had eaten my delicious breakfast I flew gracefully out of my crusty mud house on the left side of the human house. I quickly started to sing in a high soft voice my own bird song. I was starting to fly faster when I heard the light song of a sparrow that I could not see, a deadly song. I flew as quick as I could to my mud house. It was far away.

I got back into my safe home where mum was standing as a statue on guard and my brothers were shivering with fear. My brave dad was outside to fight with the other house martins if needed. My best friend was out there I thought, I was worried for him. I stood frightened in front of the door trying to protect my adorable younger brothers. Suddenly, I needed a small poo. I quickly stuck my bum out of my tiny house and pooped (House Martins’ poo is round and white, well, round until it hits the ground). 

A few hours later, my brave dad said in a cracked voice, “come on out”. I turned suddenly around, and I swiftly flew out. So did my worried mum but not my brothers, they can’t fly. 

Chapter 2
The Murder 

I was frantically trying to find my friend, but I didn’t see him anywhere. I flew to the hard ground to see for myself if he was there. Then I saw him a scratched and badly injured friend. I quickly flew back to find my mum and said urgently that my helpless friend was injured. I took her insistently to where I found him before but he was gone, like he was never there.

My Mum then said that I was scared and being very silly and I should go quietly to my room and not think about it. So, I went to my small room in my mud house but instead of not thinking about him I was thinking about it – all of those painful looking scratches oozing on my friend Harrasan. Suddenly my mum shouted “GO ON AND FLY, AND GO SEE YOUR OTHER FRIENDS.” I had to come out of my tiny room and flew out of the old house then flew sadly on my way to see my other friends but I do not have any other real friends.

I was in my own thoughts when I painfully bumped into a robin. 

The robin said quickly “oh, oh I am so sorry!”

I said swiftly “It’s all right, I was not looking where I was going, excuse me what is your name?” 

“Oh, my name is Elfe” said the robin sweetly. 

I said “My name is Heppy, let’s be friends.”

Chapter 3
The Detective Society

“I love murder and detective stories,” said Elfe as the beautiful countryside went by. When Elfe said that she loved murder and detective stories I said suddenly, “do you want to be a detective with me and solve a murder?” Elfe said  “yes yes yes” in an excited tone. 

I said: “let’s make a detective society then Elfe”. “Yes,” we said in tune.

I said quickly: “follow me to my small home and we will start the case. As we were flying I will tell you slowly what happened to my friend.” So, as we flew quickly, I said to Elfe “my frightening dad and some other house martins went into battle with the evil sparrows but my dear friend Harrasen did not come out of the battle, when it was over I went looking for my friend Harrasan but I did not see him, until I flew to the ground I found him badly scratched. I flew to my mum and I flew back with her and he was gone and she said in an angry voice I was being silly.” 

We got back to my mud house and I saw my dad. I said sharply to Elfe “do you have an empty book with you and a pencil?” Elfe said quickly “yes.” We flew swiftly up to my dad and said “dad who was in the battle with you?” Dad said “me, Mr and Mrs Lovely and your brave friend Harrasan, but he never came back from the other side of the house.” My dad said in a confused manner. I wanted to say to him “you didn’t see him because he is dead.” 

I said to Elfe in a sharp voice. “Did you write that down” Elfe replied “yes”.

Chapter 4
The Rival Detective Society

We flew quickly to my secret mud house that was on a big oak tree right on the other side of the ginormous, human house and that is where I saw Harrasan where he was badly injured. Mouse was in the secret mud house he was an enemy of Wilber the Otter he was sort of my friend but mostly a snoring zombie and there were two mean house sparrows that were poking him.

I shouted at them angrily “!!OI OI STOP THAT!!” they both started, they shouted in afraid voices “!!STAND DOWN WE ARE DETECTIVES!!” I said in a much more civilised manner, “we are detectives that are more important than you two so please get out of our big detective house.” The sparrows said, “absolutely not”. I said “if you stay you will have to have a race with us on this murder case.”

They said, “fine but you must tell us what you know now.”

Chapter 5
The Race to Solve the Murder

We told the house sparrows unwillingly what we knew about who the victim was and who were the house martins in the battle. I said to the sparrows “what are your names?” The first sparrow said “Alex” the other one said “Jeremy.” 

“Well, Alex and Jeremy, the game is on,” I said. “Wait a second do not forget to put the cat from the house on the maybe murderer list,” said Alex, smartly. 

Me and Elfe took to the sky. I shouted at the boys “first to solve the crime wins!” we went to Mrs and Mr Lovely, we said to them “did you see anything happen to my dear friend Harrasan?” Mrs and Mr Lovely said they only heard a very high-pitched screech. We said “thank you for your help.”

As we were coming out I said “did you get that?” to Elfe. Elfe said “Yes” I said “that means we can cross out Mrs and Mr Lovely and it leaves my dad and the cat,” I said in a sharp tone.

Chapter 6
The Murderer and the Victim

We flew to my dad and saw Alex and Jeremy speaking with him. My dad saw me and told the sparrows to fly off. I flew up to him. “Did you see or hear anything in the battle of my friend?” I said quickly.  “I did not hear anything over the battle but I did see a black tail”. I said “thank you” as we were flying back to the detective house. I saw a black cat, he was the murderer, the thought of it made me shiver. When we got in, I said to Elfe to cross out dad and make a circle around the cat with “murderer” in it. Alex and Jeremy came in looking dismal and we had to act like we knew nothing.

Chapter 7
The Victim and the Murderer

We said to Alex and Jeremy “did you find anything?” in a quick voice. They said “no.” “We said “we better be off”. We flew out and I said to Elfe in a whisper, “be careful, but follow the cat.” Elfe said: “shouldn’t you call the animal police?” in a frightened voice. I said “oh, ok”. I got ready to sing my police song and Elfe said slowly “one two three, sing”. I started to sing a lovely song. Suddenly, I heard the bark of the badger that meant “coming”. I stopped my beautiful song then saw the black cat going behind a bush. A few minutes later, she came back out. We flew down and as soon as the black cat went around the corner, we flew in. To my horror my friend and loads of other poor animals and bones were all around we flew out and went back to our home to wait for the animal police.

Chapter 8 
Case Solved

We waited a few minutes and then I saw the Badger with his sharp canines, swiping claws and his army of police. I flew up to them quickly and said “I hope you have a strong stomach. The murderer is the black cat and she has murdered my friend and lots of other animals,” we flew to the big bush and showed the police. Me, Elfe and the police. Suddenly, I saw the cat and said “there she is” . The police ran at the cat, badger at the front, swiping and chomping. This fight went on for about 2 hours and then the cat gave up and quickly ran straight past the police and said “I AM NEVER COMING BACK”. The animal police said “thank you and we will be off”.

That is the end of my first murder case With Elfe and we also won the race of the case and the sparrows had to admit defeat and put big poster up of their detective society and now we are all going to the U.S. We are all hoping for a new case to happen but if there is another one, I will write it up for you guys.