(Archived) 3. Loved to Death – by Bilal Medjahed (aged 11)

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Loved to Death’?  Well, that almost happened to me.

It all startedon a beautiful sunny day in February.  Me and hundreds of other seals were born amongst the grassy dunes, being raised by out mothers….most of the time.  When we are born we get loads of visitors, but there is always someone who oversteps the boundary and invades our space.  In my case it was a bulbous man in a black T-shirt which stretched so much over his large, rounded stomach that the picture became warped.  He walked slowly towards us, one step at a time.

First step, my mother turned her head…

Second step, she twitched….

Third step, she yelped….

On the fourth the man hollered, “Betty! Get the camera!!” and took another step.  With that my mother edges away towards the dune.  And then the man’s wife, who had been filming the whole thing , ran over closer to me that her husband.  

That was when my mother left.

Into the dunes, out of my life.

I then turned around, towards the beach, the couple were gone. Probably to orphan another seal on the same beach.