4. Two Otter Families Get Kidnapped

Once upon a time there were two families who both had a little girl – Lizzie and Lilly and they were both friends. They both lived near a farm. One day, they were playing by the farm when all of a sudden … the farmer grabbed them and locked them up in a farm animal’s bed. They had to share all the animals’ food and water, but they were still starving. They were so hungry she could eat a horse.

When they got in there, they were so scared . Back at the house there were points where I was looking for them. Once they looked everywhere, then one of them said : ‘’we have looked everywhere for them except the farm!’’ so they both decided to go.

When they got there, they saw the farmer ‘’ farmer, farmer ‘’ they called, but there was no response. So, they decided to sneak in without the farmer knowing. They went to see if they were in the animals’ bed.

When they got over there, they locked the key hole to see if they were in there and they were. But all of a sudden … the farmer grabbed them and throw them in.

“All otters are my new pets.’’ he said as he was locking the door.

They stayed for days and days but one day Lizzy thought of a good idea of how to escape. They could look through the key hole to see if the farmer was not looking, then use sharp teeth to pick the lock and make a run for it. So they waited and waited for the farmer to look away and when he did they made a run for it.

the end.

P.s then the next day the two girls kidnapped the farmer!