3. Eel, by Xanthe Carr

The eel swam slowly,
Down the river it went,
Like a yellow snake slithering through,
You can be electric too

Though you can be captured,
As all eels know,
In a big net. Oh no!
When the eel was hauled up into a boat,
It squealed like a goat

The fishermen as furious a lion boomed and cheered,
But their triumph was bad and a little bit sad
People are fishing eels,
And using them for meals
They were going to eat them
How bad can this get?
Will the fisherman get wet?!

The eels escaped with glee,
Some with a hurt knee,
Lucky it didn’t happen to me
This is sad and potentially bad,

Now the eels are safe,
As good as ever but there still is an error
Their numbers are falling

By Xanthe Carr